Tesla Model 3 : Performance

Authored by honghatcdnc

The base-level Tesla Model 3 will come standard with a rear-mounted single motor capable of launching the car from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in about six seconds. A high-performance dual-motor AWD configuration will also be offered, though Tesla has offered little in the way of performance stats for the car. Journalists who were offered the opportunity to ride in the car reported a high-performance feel that would be familiar to anyone who has been in a Tesla.

Only the dual-motor version of the Model 3 was used for the test rides, but it’s unlikely that the base model will disappoint. The car’s smaller size, low center of gravity and the inherent torque advantage (from electric propulsion)—combined with Tesla’s determination to beat the performance numbers of its gas-fueled competitors—all but guarantee that the Model 3 will be one of the fastest, most engaging drives in its class.